Residential Air Duct Cleaning — Atlanta

Your home heat and air conditioning functions as the respiratory system for your home. In order to breathe normally, it should be cleaned periodically to remove contaminants and pollutants. At Air Quality Systems, we use “total source removal” to clean — this is the only cleaning method that fulfills all the cleaning requirements recognized and defined by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). We use top-of-the-line equipment that has been specifically designed for ductwork cleaning.

How the Cleaning Works

We attach either an electric or gasoline powered vacuum equipment to your HVAC system, so that we can maximize the air pressure. After the vacuum has been fastened to your system, all the dirt and debris in the ductwork becomes loose and is removed by reverse air and rotating nozzles, whips, and brushes, operating at 180 lbs. of applied air pressure.

Next, the vacuum sucks the loosened dust, debris, and mold, at 6000 cubic ft. per minute into a sealed compartment. Then, the heating and cooling coils are washed and cleaned with detergents as necessary as per NADCA standards. Your HVAC fan housing and blower units will be cleaned with vacuum and compressed air, and then pressure washed as necessary. Lastly, we clean all the supply and return registers.

If you have special considerations and/or specifications in the cleaning and care of your HVAC system, we will strive to efficiently and thoroughly make your system clean and suited to your needs.

Get Quality HVAC System Cleaning

Contact Air Quality Systems to schedule a cleaning for your air ducts. We service the entire Norcross area as well as surrounding Atlanta suburbs.