Air VentMany HVAC companies provide air duct cleaning as a maintenance service. Duct cleaning enhances the efficiency of your HVAC system while giving you better quality air. There are ways to determine if commercial air duct cleaning in Norcross, GA is worth it.

How Duct Cleaning Is Done

Inspect the Ducts:
The level of buildup in the ducts will be assessed before the cleaning. While you can do this yourself, a duct cleaning professional typically has a camera that can explore even further into the ducts to reveal the level of buildup. By having a professional commercial air system cleaning in Norcross, GA, a technician will likely inspect the ductwork for leaks.

Create Negative Pressure:
Duct cleaning specialists use vacuum collection devices to suck debris and dust out of your ductwork. Prior to conducting the cleaning, they must perform some preliminary steps including hooking up the vacuum collection device’s hose to a duct and sealing each register with an adhesive cover. Once the preparatory steps have been completed, the specialist will turn on the vacuum unit. The device creates a negative pressure and the elements that are inside of the ductwork are sucked into the vacuum unit.

Agitate the Dust:
The specialist will uncover each register and clean the ducts individually while the system is under negative pressure. Experienced specialists will utilize rotating brushes, vacuum cleaners, and compressed air tools to make sure that the dust is sucked into the vacuum device.

Clean the Rest of Your System:
With professional commercial HVAC duct cleaning in Norcross, GA, it’s recommended that other parts of your HVAC system are cleaned such as the evaporator coil, drain pan, and the air handler’s blower motor. By having these areas cleaned, the air quality in your home will improve. The lifespan of your HVAC system will also be extended.

When You Should Consider Duct Cleaning

There are certain signs to be on the lookout for.

Mold Infestation:
If you’re having a moldy odor coming from your HVAC system, you should have your ducts inspected. The development of mold is caused by trapped moisture and could damage your entire HVAC system. Mold should be taken seriously.

Unexplained Allergy Related Illness:
If you’re experiencing an allergy-related illness and you have taken the necessary steps to keep your home sanitized, then you may want to consider getting your ducts professionally cleaned.

Insect Bodies or Rodent Droppings:
If you notice rodent droppings or insect bodies in your ducts, then it’s a sign that they should be professionally cleaned. Additionally, it may be a sign that the insects have nested inside of your air ducts.

Next Steps

Dirty and clogged air ducts can lead to allergies and other conditions. Additionally, ducts that have any type of blockage can lessen air flow and create higher electricity bills. To have better quality air, contact Air Quality Systems for your professional air duct cleaning.