Is dryer vent cleaning worth it? Ask Air Quality Systems.If you’re wondering if dryer vent cleaning is worth it, here are a few things to consider. A clogged dryer vent duct can result in a longer drying time, higher energy bills, and worse, can even pose a fire hazard. So taking the time to clean your dryer ducts and vents can offer many benefits. Safety for you and your loved ones is the most important!

Common Problems with Dryer Vents

Your walls may have flexible aluminum dryer venting to the outside. And because of this flexibility, the duct is more susceptible to damage over time. This can lead to a fire hazard and also make your system less efficient.

Air Quality Systems will inspect the dryer duct to determine if it needs to be replaced with a recommended 4 inch hard pipe. This will help your dryer to run more efficiently, and will keep you and your family safer for many years.

Don’t Take Chances with Clogged Dryer Vents

You need a thorough air duct cleaning in Johns Creek GA from the pros at Air Quality Systems.If you’re still wondering if dryer vent cleaning is worth it, hopefully now you understand that it is. Be safe and restore the proper airflow through your dryer vent line. Contact Air Quality Systems for a thorough inspection and cleaning. You just may be shocked by the amount of unwanted dust, dirt and lint that can be removed. Reduce drying time, increase energy efficiency, and decrease the wear and tear on your clothing and dryer.
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