Man performing duct cleaning servicesThough you may rarely consider it, the air that you, your employees, and your customers breathe is a critical concern for your business. Interior air quality is an integral part of a welcoming environment that speaks volumes about your care for your customers and employees. It’s also important in protecting and maintaining the equipment used in your business. Poor air quality can even impact the quality of goods that you manufacture in your commercial space, making it an even more important concern.

Because of the importance of clean air in your commercial space, commercial air system cleaning companies can help you improve the quality of your air through thorough cleaning. One primary area of focus for such companies is commercial HVAC duct cleaning in Norcross, GA, since the air ducts attached to your HVAC system are a prime source of contamination in a commercial environment. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of regular, thorough cleaning of the ducts in your commercial space.

Improves Air Quality

If your heating and AC unit is considered the heart of your HVAC and the air it pumps is the lifeblood of your system, then the ductwork can be considered the veins and arteries. All the air that moves through your commercial business space travels through the ducts, which means that everything in that air can become deposited in your ducts over time. That includes dust, dander, pollen, and moisture. Moisture can lead to mold, another air contaminant. When your ducts become fouled, those contaminants can be distributed throughout the air in your business in concentrated doses, which can quickly degrade air quality and lead to a litany of problems. By cleaning your ducts regularly, you prevent that buildup of contaminants an keep the air in your business as clean as possible.

Keeps Customers Happy

While we may not think about it regularly, air quality can have a tremendous impact on the average business. One of the foremost concerns for commercial spaces when it comes to indoor air quality is the impact of poor air quality on the customers who patronize your business. The quality of your air can dramatically affect your revenue through its impact on your customers. For example, if you have poor air quality in your business that includes foul smells or heavy allergens that irritate patrons, that can keep customers away from your business and depress your income streams, especially in retail facilities and restaurants.

Boosts Employee Productivity

Happy customers in a clothing storeIt’s easy to understand that poor air quality can impact your business by driving away customers. However, you may not have considered how it can further cause losses through reduced productivity. If employees are adversely affected by poor air quality, they may miss more time and use more sick days. That will further hit your bottom line, which is why improving air quality through regular duct cleaning is important. Cleaning your air ducts regularly represents a positive step towards maintaining good health among your employees, which will boost productivity and morale.

Protects Equipment

Dirty, dusty air laden with particulates can do more than just impact the human components of your business. It can also have a negative effect on the equipment upon which you depend to earn a livelihood. Sensitive electronics and computers can be adversely affected by the presence of excessive dust, which means you may get poor performance, increased maintenance and repair costs, and shorter service lives for equipment that’s critical to your business. By improving the air quality, you can extend the lifespan of the equipment you use and reduce the need for maintenance and repair. Both of those factors will protect your profits and help keep your business viable.

If you own commercial space, it’s imperative that you regularly have your air ducts cleaned. There are numerous associated benefits which offset the minimal cost to have your ducts cleaned. To schedule your commercial air duct cleaning, contact Air Quality Systems at (770) 446-1142.