Hotel Room Window with Sun Shining InFew industries have more rigid standards for cleanliness and comfort than the hotel business. When patrons check into a hotel establishment, they expect standards that meet or exceed the standards they enjoy in their own homes. That doesn’t just include the cleanliness of the surfaces in the hotel, but it also extends to the quality of the air that guests will breathe during their stay. Clean air can greatly enhance the guest experience and help hotels maintain quality standards.

Because hotel air quality is an important concern, many hotels can benefit from commercial air duct cleaning. Over time, the air ducts in hotels can become quite dirty with dust, mold spores, pollen, and other contaminants. That can result in diminished indoor air quality and dusty surfaces that require constant cleaning. Commercial indoor air cleaning is accomplished through thorough duct cleaning throughout the HVAC system, removing irritants and allergens from the air. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of commercial air system cleaning in Atlanta, GA.

Improves Cleanliness

Have you ever thought about where the dust that accumulates on furniture and indoor surfaces comes from? Dust is simply particulate matter in the air that eventually settles on surface and accumulates like snowfall. That dust can be made up of many types of particles but often includes dust mites, pollen, organic matter, dander, construction material particles, and microscopic mold spores. That dust can accumulate in the ducts of your hotel over time, where it’s continuously released into the hotel environment. Once in the rooms, it settles on surfaces and results in a cleaning issue that must be attended to daily. It can permeate the carpet, drapes, and bedding, creating a situation that’s difficult to resolve. Commercial duct cleaning can improve overall cleanliness throughout your hotel by removing that dust from its source in the ducts. That will result in a cleaner hotel that’s easier to maintain from a janitorial perspective.

Improves Guest Comfort

Man on Ladder Performing Duct Cleaning ServicesThat dust that fouls the air in your interior spaces can do more than just make guests question your hotel’s standards for cleanliness. It can also make guests ill by aggravating allergies to the substances that make up the dust. Reactions to dust include burning or watery eyes, scratchy throat, difficulty breathing, and skin irritation. No guest wants to endure those symptoms, so it’s important those irritants are removed from your indoor air. One of the most effective ways of managing your hotel’s indoor air quality is through regular commercial duct cleaning. Your guests will breathe easier, and you will too since you’ll field fewer complaints and make a more favorable impression.

Improves Employee Health

Another often-ignored benefit of commercial air duct cleaning and improved indoor air quality is that employees who spend the most time in your hotel will enjoy better health. When your air ducts are filled with dust and allergens, your employees are forced to suffer through poor air quality to earn a living. That can create chronic illnesses which an increase the number of sick days taken and restrict productivity. By getting commercial air duct cleaning, you’re providing your employees with a better work environment, which will translate into greater productivity and happier, healthier employees.

Commercial air duct cleaning is important in the hospitality industry because it protects guests, your employees, and your standards of cleanliness. To learn more about the importance of commercial air duct cleaning for hotels, contact Air Quality Systems at (770) 446-1142.