Air filter

As a new parent, your infant’s health and safety should be your number-one priority. You take care when taking them into dirty environments, like public transportation centers or public bathrooms. But there’s one place you may not be protecting them: their own home. While your infant sleeps soundly in his or her crib, they could be breathing incredibly filthy air. According to the EPA, indoor air pollution may be up to 5 times higher than that of outdoor air. And inhaling poor quality indoor air can be one of the top causes of autoimmune disorders, respiratory illnesses, and other dangerous conditions. 

What can you do about it? A professional air system cleaning in Norcross, GA, can make a difference between a healthy infant or a sickly one.

Infant Breathing

During an infant’s first year, their breathing needs are drastically different than we think they are. Unlike adults, infants breathe extremely often and heavily, supplying the oxygen that they need in order to grow and develop. Infants have been shown to breathe over 3 times more than adults do. All of this heavy breathing is the source of pollution ingestion, and because they breathe more often and with a higher volume of oxygen for their body mass, they end up circulating far more pollutants through their bodies than adults do.

Autoimmune Disorders

Many parents have been curious as to what causes autoimmune disorders, complex and often unmanageable conditions that make infants’ lives difficult all the way into adulthood. Breathing polluted indoor air may be a contributing factor on par with genetic predisposition. Indoor pollutants are major causes of allergies and other illnesses, too, which is why you should protect your infants now.

What Next?

What can you do about it? Hire a professional air system cleaning in Norcross, GA, a thorough and effective solution to polluted indoor air. An air system cleaning will eliminate dust, mold, debris, and other pollutants from your ventilation system, which will drastically improve your indoor air quality and keep your infants safe.