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Commercial HVAC Cleaning — Atlanta

Indoor environmental contaminants significantly affect the productivity and efficiency of your facility and employees. These contaminants may also be a distraction and deterrent to your customers and clients.

Numerous problems can result from the persistent presence of these contaminants in your facility

  • Dust and mold deposits
  • Allergic sensitivity
  • Health-related absenteeism
  • Loss of or damage to records/files
  • HVAC equipment breakdown
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Equipment damage
  • Higher energy consumption
  • Strong or musty odors

Indoor Environmental Hygiene

Indoor environmental hygiene is an increasing concern as modern buildings become more tightly sealed, having less interchange with outside air. This is good for energy efficiency, but it also provides opportunities for poorer air quality and microbial contamination. Consider the benefits of pursuing a higher standard of indoor environmental hygiene:

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Reducing or eliminating odors

Mold and bacteria growth in HVAC systems or in areas with excess moisture causes musty odors.


Reducing equipment breakdown/loss of records

HVAC systems run more efficiently and at lower operating temperatures when they are free of dust, dirt, and microbial contamination. Microbial contamination can damage and destroy important records and material necessary to your operations.


Reducing absenteeism

Respiratory tract infections account for much of employee absenteeism; dust and microbial contamination can be a contributor to, or even be the cause of, these infections.

HVAC System Hygiene

The Air Quality Systems field technicians employ state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest cleaning standards. All HVAC hygiene remediation project design and on-site management is performed under the supervision of NADCA-certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists (ASCS)

Air Quality SystemsAir Quality Systems practices source removal—the only method recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as fulfilling all requirements to clean your air system. Air Quality Systems uses portable equipment specially designed for ductwork cleaning, which provides the air and vacuum pressure necessary to clean your system.

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