Do you see signs of dirt and debris in your office air vents?Over time, air ducts accumulate dirt and debris. This can negatively affect the air quality inside your building, spreading allergens into the different rooms. This buildup can also make your HVAC system less efficient, which could cost you money on your energy bills. For these reasons, it’s important to have your air ducts cleaned. As with any service, you want to ensure that you hire the right people to complete the project. Failing to do so could result in more trouble. Here are some tips to ensure that you choose the best commercial air duct cleaning contractor.

Seek Referrals and References

The best way to determine if the company that you’re considering will complete a quality job is to receive referrals and references. If you know somebody that has used a specific air duct cleaning service before, ask them about their experience. You can also read through reviews on a number of review websites. It’s important to read both good and bad reviews if they’re available. This will allow you to get an overview of how their service has been. When reading any negative reviews, you can determine if they bring up any red flags or if the complaints are not as important.

Check Their Certifications

Whenever you have somebody work on any part of your building, you want to ensure that they are qualified. The best way to ensure this is to check for any certifications. In most industries, you have to complete courses and maintain a certain level of quality to maintain your certification. Air duct cleaning is no different. This will ensure that the company you hire is prepared to deal with your problem and effectively solve it. When speaking with the company, ask about their certifications and how they maintain that certification. This will provide assurance that they will complete a quality job.

Ask for Proof of Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation

A commercial air duct cleaning contractor can eliminate the dirt and debris that accumulates in your HVAC system.In most states, you don’t have to be licensed to operate an air duct cleaning service, so you have to find other ways to determine if you’re considering a reputable company. You can do this by asking if the company you’re considering has liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. Any quality company will have both of these and will be more than happy to provide proof. In addition to ensuring that you’re hiring a quality company, this will protect you should something unforeseen happen while they clean your air ducts.

Inquire About Quoting

There are two reasons why you should ask about the quoting process of an air duct cleaning company. The first is so that you understand exactly what is being quoted. The second is so that you can avoid a scam. Some companies may quote you a price before looking at your system, only to tack on additional charges following completion of the cleaning. The company you hire should come to look at your system before quoting so that you can get a more accurate estimate.


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Choose commercial air duct cleaning from Air Quality Systems.Having your air ducts cleaned is necessary for the health of your HVAC system. When considering the right company to complete the job, you should do your due diligence. These tips will help to ensure that you hire a quality commercial air duct cleaning contractor that will complete the work professionally and within the terms and conditions of the quote and contract. Contact Air Quality Systems if you’re in need of quality commercial air system cleaning today.

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