Poor outdoor air quality can make life difficult, especially for those who suffer from environmental allergies or have respiratory illnesses or other conditions that make them sensitive to pollen and pollutants in the air. Unfortunately, staying inside isn’t always much better because indoor air quality can sometimes be as poor or worse than outdoors. Using an air purifier for air allergen removal in Norcross, GA, has numerous benefits you should know about. Here’s what you need to know.

Allergen Removal

One of the biggest benefits of air purifiers is that they remove many of the allergens that cause asthma attacks and other allergy symptoms. Purifiers use HEPA filters that can remove 99% of these allergens to make you breathe easier whether you’re allergic to pollen at different times of the year or even if you find that you’re allergic to a beloved pet. A HEPA filter air purification system can significantly reduce or even eliminate these symptoms.

Odor Control

A common complaint people living in multi-family housing often have is odors from the neighbor’s cooking. Certain spices are difficult to keep contained to one unit, so if you find that you often smell someone else’s dinner and that those odors are lingering, an air filter can help take care of that. Air purifiers that use ozone or an ionizer help remove pollutants that cause these odors. However, it’s important to get professional advice on these types of purifiers to make sure they’re being used properly.

Smoke Removal

Carbon filters are helpful if you need to remove smoke, chemicals substances, or other gases in the air. These substances can be both harmful to your health as well as unpleasant, so using a filtration system with the ability to absorb these substances will make your air clean and odor free.

Mold Remediation

Air duct cleaning in Norcross, GA, is another way to improve your home’s air quality. That’s because pollen, dust, and even mold can build up in your HVAC system, which not only prevents your system from running efficiently, but it negatively impacts your health as well. It’s a good idea to have your ducts regularly cleaned in addition to using an air purifier in order to enjoy all the benefits of clean air.