Dirty air ducts need to be cleaned.Most people forget that their indoor air quality is greatly influenced by their HVAC system. If you haven’t had your HVAC checked in a while, it might be time to call in a professional to provide a thorough air duct cleaning. At Air Quality Systems in Norcross, we know how a clean air circulation system can affect you, your business, your home, and your health. Find out the best reasons to keep your ducts clean.

Keep It Clean

Whatever is in your air ducts ends up in your air and eventually on everything in your building. Some rodents and small animals find that the HVAC system is a great place to live. They can remain there relatively safe during the day and no one bothers them. That means their feces, skin cells, and hair can all end up in your building’s air as it gets pushed through the ducts and out the vents. Mold may also find your system a convenient place to grow.

Easy Breathing

Of course, dust, pollen, and animal fur can trigger allergies. However, even completely healthy people have to deal with these allergens in the air. This can lead to sneezing, coughing, and other airborne illnesses. Cleaning the ducts will make sure that the animals and mold that live there vacate the premises. It will also reduce the number of particles in your air that may cause illness.

Energy Efficiency

A thorough air duct cleaning in Norcross, GA, will help you save money. Sure, healthier people mean fewer medical bills and less time off due to illness; however, a system that has been cleaned also means better energy efficiency. That’s something you can see on your monthly energy bills. When your system is efficient, it does less work, which also means that it will last longer as there are no additional stresses placed on it beyond what it was built for. With all the great benefits of cleaner environment, healthier air and better efficiency, there’s no reason to duck duct cleaning.


Improving the Air Quality of Your Home or Business

You need a thorough air duct cleaning from the pros at Air Quality Systems.Dirty duct work can put the health and welfare of your family at risk. Make your indoor air smell and feel healthy again. Contact Air Quality Systems for a thorough inspection and cleaning. You just may be shocked by the amount of unwanted dust, dirt and grime that can be removed. So when its time for improving the air quality of your home, simply call the professionals at Air Quality Systems.

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